Overclocking with AQUAFUSION 360 and Intel i9-10900K

Overclocking with AQUAFUSION 360 and Intel i9-10900K

XFASTEST runs a overclocking test with ENERMAX AQUAFUSION 360 and Intel i9-10900K; Quoted from XFASTEST.

ENERMAX AQUAFUSION 360 features superior cooling performance which can keep the temperature of Intel i9-9900K at an average 55 degrees; while the CPU is reaching 5.0GHz in overclocking, the processor's temperature came up to 96 degrees which the CPU's temp. is also controlled very well!  

Full article please check: https://www.xfastest.com/thread-239966-1-1.html

Photo credit: FunkyKit


CLICK HERE to see the full review by XFASTEST

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