History Milestones

Enermax Technology Corporation, founded in 1990 the history of the company goes back more than 25 Years with the slogan: Power. Innovation. Design.
  • 2019

    COMPANY: European Hardware Award for Liqtech TR4 II 360 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
    CASE: Best Of CES 2019 by SABERAY White Case

  • 2018

    COMPANY: Launch of the new Enermax Europe website with mobile device optimization.
    CASE: Launch of the first silent optimized case
    COMPANY: BCN Award 2018: Best Selling Case Brand in Japan

  • 2017

    CASE: BCN Award 2017: Best Selling Case Brand in Japan

    PSU: German Design Award (Special Mention) 2017: DIGIFANLESS 550W PSU

    COOLING: First AIO liquid Coolers with 100% IHS Coverage of AMD Threadripper CPU: LIQTECH TR4

  • 2016

    CASE: BCN Award 2016: Best Selling Case Brand in Japan

    AUDIO: Launch IPX8-rated Waterproof Speaker: O’marine

    COOLING: Patented Dust Free Rotation (DFRTM) Technology: Platimax D.F. PSU, ETS-T50 AXE Cooler, D.F.PRESSURE fan and D.F.VEGAS fan

  • 2015

    CASE: European Hardware Award for Liqmax II 240 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

    PSU: First Fanless PSU with Digital Control: Digifanless 550W

    PSU: COMPUTEX d&i awards 2015: Digifanless 550W

  • 2014

    COOLING: TwisterStorm fan: up to 3,500 RPM industrial grade performance with Twister Bearing technology for extreme conditions in servers or for extreme overclocking.

  • 2013

    COOLING: ETS-T40 gain top-sales air cooler record in Japan.

  • 2012

    COOLING: Launched patented design Shunt-Channel cold plate liquid Cooler.

  • 2011

    PSU: Launch MAXREVO series, new full modular cable 80 PLUS Gold KW class leader
    COOLING: Introduce ETS-T40 CPU Cooler with leading 0.09C/W thermal resistance performance
    CASE: Launch ATX Midi Tower Hoplite,combines the most current technologies and features
    COOLING: Launch U.R.Vegas, the world’s first case fan, that can be powered with USB
    PSU: Launch PLATIMAX series, 89-94% efficiency @ 20-100% load, compliant with 80PLUS® PLATINUM efficiency requirement

  • 2010

    PSU: iF Design Award 2010 for PSU: Revolution85+

    PSU: 80PLUS® Gold Certification for PSU: Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series

    PSU: Upgrade of Popular PSU Series: Modu82+ II, Pro82+ II and Liberty ECO II to support DX11 card

  • 2009

    PSU: Red dot Design Award 2009 and for PSU: Revolution85+

    PERIPHERALS: Red dot Design Award 2009 for keyboard Aurora

    COOLING: Patent Circular LED Technology for Fan: Apollish Fan series

  • 2008

    PERIPHERALS: iF Design Award 2008 for Jazz Enclosure series

    PSU: World first 80PLUS® Bronze PSU series: Modu82+ and Pro82+

    PSU: World first 80PLUS® Silver PSU with modular cable design: Revolution85+

    COOLING: Patent Twister Bearing Technology: Magma, Everest and Cluster

    COOLING: 25cm Monster Fan and Steel Mesh for Cooling Pad: Aeolus

  • 2007

    COMPANY: National Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Award by Taiwan Government

    PERIPHERALS: Red dot Design Award 2007 for Aurora Premium keyboard

    PSU: DXX Ready! First PSU with 6+2P Connectors from 400W class.

    COMPANY: China subsidiaries established.

  • 2006

    PSU: Best Power Supply Manufacturer 2006: Win Readers’ Choice Award of German hardware magazine – Hardwareluxx.

    PSU: First 1000W PSU with modular cable design

    COOLING: ENLOBAL Bearing Technology introduced

    PERIPHERALS: First generation aluminum design Keyboard, Aurora, unveiled.

  • 2005

    PSU: Best Power Supply Manufacturer 2005: Win two Readers’ Choice Awards which are presented by two German hardware magazines – Tom’s Hardware Guide and PC Games Hardware respectively

    PSU: Launch first ATX12V v2.2 modular cable PSU, LIBERTY series to become world bestseller.

    COMPANY: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2005 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2004

    COMPANY: UK subsidiary Coolergiant established

    COMPANY: Listed on Taiwan OTC stock market (8093)

    PSU: Best Power Supply Manufacturer 2004: Win the Readers’ Choice Award of German Tom’s Hardware Guide.

    PSU: Breakthrough on Power Density for ATX12V PSU with Noisetaker 600W

    PSU: 6P PCI-E Connector for PSU: After launching this new feature, nVidia® and ATI® use it at their SLI™ and CrossFireX™ graphics card launch presentations respectively.

    PSU: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2004 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2003

    COMPANY: German and Japan subsidiaries established

    PSU: SLI™ Certified PSU

    PSU: Dual 12V Rails and SATA Connector for PSU

    PSU: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2003 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2002

    COMPANY: ISO14001 Certified

    COMPANY: France, Italy, USA subsidiaries established

    PSU: ATX12V Power Density Record

  • 2001

    COMPANY: ISO9001 certified

    COMPANY: Rising Star Award granted

    COMPANY: Small and Medium Enterprise Administration innovation Award 2001 granted by Taiwan Government

  • 2000

    PSU: Coating on PSU housing, later become a standard for premium PSU

    PSU: Patent VR Control for PSU

  • 1999

    COMPANY: Relocated HQ to Tao Yuan City.

  • 1998

    PSU: First Full Modular cable Redundant Power System (ERM2350/ERM2400) launch

  • 1997

    PSU: First Dual-fan Setting for PSU. Highly recommended by AMD as “AMD Desirable Thermal Mechanical Product”.

    PSU: Color Box Packing for PSU: Create an innovative way to sell PSU and followed by others.

    CASE: Worldwide bestseller: Launch a complete series of Big Tower, Midi Tower, Micro Tower and Mini Tower to become a worldwide bestseller.

  • 1996

    PSU: First ATX PSU

  • 1991

    PSU: First AT PSU
    PSU: First Open Frame PSU

  • 1990

    COMPANY: Company established at Liuzhou City. Capital NTD6,000,000(USD180,000). Main business: develop, produce, and sell switching power supplies and PC cases.