Overclocked Core i9-10900K to 7GHz and Set World Records

Overclocked Core i9-10900K to 7GHz and Set World Records

Allen, who is known for his overclocking skill has chosen our product, AQUAFUSION 240 to test its limit with a high-end specification.

Test by Allen 'Splave' Golibersuch

·         ASRock Z490 Aqua Prototype 2 Dimm Motherboard

·         Intel Core i9-10900K

·         G.Skill NEO 4000C19 2x16GB

·         EnermaxMaxtytan 1250W PSU

·         EnermaxAquafusion 240 AIO

·         Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut LHE


AQUAFUSION, a CPU AIO water cooler, is a cooler combining effectiveness and unique appearance. Its outstanding cooling performance, 360W TDP, thanks to ENERMAX patented Dual-Chamber water clock design and Shunt-Channel Technology on the cold plate, AQUAFUSION is able to dissipate the heat on your processor faster .

In Allen’s test mentioned, the AQUAFUSION was able to run the Core i9-10900K all the way up to 5.3 GHz at a 1.3Vcore and temperatures in the low 70’s. That’s a testament to how cool these processors run for being 10 core units.


Original Article: https://www.tomshardware.com/features/overclocking-intel-core-i9-10900k

Image Credit: Tom'sHardware


CLICK HERE to see the full review by Tom's Hardware

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