ENERMAX Launches REVOLUTION D.F. 12, World’s Smallest ATX 3.1 Power Supply

ENERMAX Launches REVOLUTION D.F. 12, World’s Smallest ATX 3.1 Power Supply

ENERMAX, an industry-leading force dedicated to designing high-performance computer hardware and cooling solutions, launches its latest power supply series, the REVOLUTION D.F. 12, the world’s smallest* ATX 3.1 power supply with only 122mm in-depth. This design maximizes space for airflow within PC cases while delivering robust power in line with the ATX 3.1 specifications, including up to a 235% power excursion. Equipped with a 600W 12V-2x6 cable, the REVOLUTION D.F. 12 ensures uncompromised performance for high-end graphics cards and cutting-edge AI computing. The REVOLUTION D.F. 12 also fits seamlessly into micro ATX cases, providing ample room for efficient cable management.

Committed to sustainable computing, REVOLUTION D.F. 12 offers a highly technical power solution aimed at enhancing power conversion efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. This commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated in the product's shipping and packaging innovations.

The REVOLUTION D.F. 12 features an innovative 115mm dual-ball bearing fan with ENERMAX’s Patented Dust-Free Rotation (D.F.R.) technology, providing a self-cleaning function and an activated switch button to enhance system longevity by minimizing dust accumulation inside the power supply. The power supply operates in fanless mode when under 50% load, ensuring complete silence at low and medium workloads. Additionally, users will be able to manually activate the D.F.R. function using the D.F.R. switch button, which can also serve as a power-on indicator.

The REVOLUTION D.F. 12 series is available in both black and white versions, offering PC enthusiasts different choices to match their system aesthetics. It includes premium mesh-sleeved cables that are flexible for effortless routing and comes with a cable comb kit to maintain a tidy build. The white version stands out with its sleek, all-white design from the chassis and fan to the cable connectors and cable combs.



ENERMAX is a world-renowned PC power supply manufacturer and maker of award-winning PC components such as chassis, coolers, fans, and peripherals, with recognition from consumers around the world. Our farsighted R&D capability is our key strength, and we stick to our spirit of “Technical Innovation” and “Quality First” to create products that unleash the full potential of the system for every PC enthusiast. For more information, please visit us at www.ENERMAX.com



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