Overclocking with AMD Threadripper 3970x and LIQTECH TR4 II

Overclocking with AMD Threadripper 3970x and LIQTECH TR4 II

Allen, who is known for his overclocking skill has chosen our product, LIQTECH TR4 II to test its limit with a high-end specification.

(List of all parts is below.)

  • AMD 3970X Processor
  • ASRock TRX40 Taichi Motherboard
  • ENERMAX MaxTytan 1250W Power Supply
  • GSKILL NEO 8GBx4 F4-3800C14-8GTZN

 Speaking of LIQTECH TR4 II, we have designed this product specifically for AMD Threadripper series. Besides, LIQTECH TR4 II not only can fully cover on CPU, but also have a stronger cooling performance (500W+ TDP), so it can quickly dissipate the heat on the CPU.

Back to the test by Allen, as he mentioned in the article, he managed an impressive 4,450 MHz in Cinebench R20, hitting a peak of 78℃ on the hottest core as he blasted his way to a monsterous score of 19,600. As everyone can see this result is shockingly high, it also means that LIQTECH TR4 II can work perfectly even in an overclocking status, in other words, LIQTECH TR4 II is definitely a best choice for AMD Threadripper series.


Original Article: https://reurl.cc/mnOkzG

Image Credit: Tom's Hardware

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