Model UCMA8
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  • “TWISTER” Bearing Technology with double lifetime than 2-ball bearing
  • BATWING Blade Design and Carved HALO Frame for extra 20 ~ 30% airflow
  • The world 1st fan can run at 85° C at least for 100,000 hours
  • Detachable water-resistant blades for easy cleaning
  • Isolator-mounts for shockproof and easy installation

Note: Please wipe the fan blades softly with a microfiber cloth instead of rinsing the fan blades with water. Do not use alcohol or chemicals.


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The Enermax Magma Twister is bar none the best case fan available today. It’s a solid build, which moves a lot of air but produces little to no noise. It’s very attractive, black on red design and smooth textured materials make it a looker. Its removable blade is perfect for cleaning, as well as customizing. And comes with all the necessary accessories one would expect a high tier fan would have, such as anti vibration screws, and a 3 to 4 pin adapter. Enermax has been famous for its outstanding power supplies for years so it comes as no surprise that its fans follow the same trend. The only quibble one can have with this fan is the fact it’s not free and being a premium fan, it carries a premium price. However the fact it’s a performer and a silent one at that, makes the Magma Twister a real solid investment.



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