Model UCCL12
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  • “TWISTER” Bearing Technology with double lifetime than 2-ball bearing
  • BATWING Blade Design and Carved HALO Frame for extra 20 ~ 30% airflow
  • PWM fan speed control to keep your system silent and cool all the time
  • Patented FAIRY Frame structure with aluminum ring for enhanced stability
  • Detachable water-resistant blades for easy cleaning
  • White LIGHTNING LED on/off
  • Isolator-mounts for shockproof and easy installation

Note: Please wipe the fan blades softly with a microfiber cloth instead of rinsing the fan blades with water. Do not use alcohol or chemicals.


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To be honest, I really could not believe that a single fan could do such a phenomenal job of cooling a case as jam-packed with crap as mine is. Even in my muggy garage. I have to give props to the Enermax ladies and gents for coming up with such an awesome design for the fans, they obviously provide a much quieter ride with more airflow than any I've tried so far. So hats off to you, my friends. I can't wait to review the next ones.



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