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Model UC-12EB
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Enermax Marathon Enlobal 120mm Fan

  • Exclusive ENLOBAL bearing with magnetic-barometric design to run friction-free and noiseless
  • Nano-technology composite for lowest abrasion and extreme durability
  • Detachable fan blades can be cleaned
  • Best wire management and 3 to 4 pin adaptor

Bearing Type

ENLOBAL Magnetic Baraometric Bearing

Fan Speed (RPM)


Air Flow (CFM)

44 CFM

Noise Level (DBA)


Rated Voltage 12V DC
Rated Amps 0.20A

Power Connector Type

3pin / 4 pin adapter




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Well this is a short review, but there really is not much you can say about a fan. Just looking at the Marathon fan it looks like any other fan out there, but if you take a closer look it reveals a totally different fan. This is the first fan that I have seen to use the enlobal bearing and it works great. Not only is it quiet you can remove the fan blades to clean them so these fans are perfect for the server you a never going to touch unless it needs cleaned. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Enermax Marathon Enlobal 120mm Fan a perfect 10 out of 10!


"A 120mm case fan can't get any better than this performance wise. The Enermax UC-12EB case fan is a great product for anyone looking to add a 120mm fan or replace a noisy fan. Unless you put your ear right next to the fan you will not hear it. Many enthusiasts use water cooling for lower temperatures and ultra quiet operation. Installing this fan into a water cooled system wouldn't make a difference in noise level. It is that quiet!"


a "Overall, the fan was exactly what Enermax promised, silent, easy to clean, and long lasting (we foresee this to be true but cannot completely guarantee this to be true due to our lack of psychic abilities). When compared to a regular fan, it did move air half as fast, but it was operating silent and was using less power (so to an extent, one would assume it wouldn't move as much air). It was incredibly easier to clean and we simply love it for this fact (I am typing this as I give my old fan a proper send off, dousing it gasoline, and sending it to the great beyond)."



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